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We work hand-in-hand with cutting-edge marketing tech stacks, business intelligence and data science teams, creating bespoke data models, supercharging marketing channels for unrivaled scalability and efficiency.
Mable is a brilliant young startup from Germany that has become an industry leader in conversion tracking innovation.

We at TrackHound are fortunate enough to combine our consulting experience with their tool to both enhance and diagnose common issues in a company’s tracking setup.
Data Driven Optimization
Optimizing based on the correct data will allow marketers to increase campaign efficiency and performance.

Adopting a holistic approach that is based on data allows digital marketers to reach far higher efficiency levels than classic forms of marketing.


Empowering businesses to reach new heights, our holistic performance marketing agency maximizes growth across all paid advertising channels. As a seamless extension of our clients teams, we leverage years of expertise to drive results, optimize campaigns and unlock untapped potential.
Our end-to-end services help clients design seamless customer journeys, identify their ideal customers and target groups.

We navigate through acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

We use marketing and sales operations to architect solutions that create positive user experiences and maximize unit economic efficiency.
We stay close to our clients and work together post-launch to build a successful future together.

Whether this means ramping-up internal teams or providing external resources for the necessary roles.



PAID Social

Social media platforms like facebook, instagram and LinkedIn are crucial for reaching new customers.

However, many companies struggle with paid social advertising.

Our method, which uses behavioral psychology principles and detailed testing, helps clients expand their reach and design effective ad content.


With the increasing size and advancement of smartphones, mobile-optimized display campaigns have become more effective in enhancing both brand goals and sales.

Our team develops and implements campaigns across the display ecosystem to effectively engage potential customers and achieve impactful business results.


Our end-to-end services help brands design seamless customer journeys, identify their ideal customers and target groups.

We navigate through acquisition, retention and loyalty.


Search engine advertising can be an extremely powerful tool for both young and established companies.

Our expertise includes running and auditing existing accounts to optimize performance.

Learn how running search engine advertising can benefit your business.


Search engine optimization is key to driving the overall profitability of your
marketing mix.

To help you achieve this goal, we offer the full suite of seo services.

From auditing and optimizing your infrastructure to executing performance-focused content strategies – we got you covered.


We utilize innovative strategies and data driven techniques to identify untapped opportunities and drive real results.

Stay ahead of the competition and achieve remarkable growth through tailored strategies and expert guidance.


Founder & Managing Director
Meet christopher veres, a dedicated individual whose diverse skill set is geared towards assisting businesses in reaching their potential. with a natural ability to navigate the digital landscape, christopher has a deep understanding of content dynamics across various platforms and technologies. drawing inspiration from an artistic background and fueled by seven years of dedicated creativity, chris brings a unique touch to the art of crafting compelling messages and narratives.

A perceptive observer of media trends, christopher goes beyond surface-level consumption; he interprets content. his proficiency in technology empowers him to delve into data, form insightful assumptions, and draw thoughtful conclusions. Collaboration, creativity, and empowerment are deeply ingrained values for him, creating an enriching atmosphere wherever he contributes.

Christopher's sights are firmly set on the future, aspiring to play a role in driving innovation, sustainability, and transformative progress. his mission revolves around positive contributions, both to his own journey and to the growth and experiences of those he interacts with.
Managing Partner | Head of Consulting
Meet tim, our paid social lead, boasting 10+ years of expertise within the field. with an impressive track record, he brings invaluable knowledge and strategic insight to our team.

Tim's experience spans the evolution of paid social platforms, ensuring he stays ahead with the latest trends and best practices.
as our paid social lead, tim develops cutting edge advertising strategies tailored to the goals of our clients.

A collaborative leader, he thrives in a fast-paced environment, aligning efforts with broader marketing goals. tim's commitment to continuous learning keeps him at the forefront of industry advancements.

Trust tim to drive exceptional results and elevate your brand's performance in the digital realm.
Head of Operations
Introducing leo, our ambitious business development executive, who combines academic excellence with valuable start-up experience.

His adaptability and innovative thinking make him a valuable asset in identifying growth opportunities.

Leo’s excellent communication skills and relationship-building abilities enable him to effectively convey our value proposition to potential clients.

Under mentorship, leo is poised to become a formidable business development professional, driving our organization towards future success.
Christof has extensive experience in the technology sector, working in both operational and investment roles. He started his career at siemens after graduating from tu munich, ascending to the position of president at siemens carrier networks in the early 2000s.

After siemens carrier networks was acquired by apax partners, goldman sachs, and providence equity, christof became the ceo of kabeldeutschland. in 2007, he founded management capital holding, a private equity fund focused on acquiring media companies in europe.

From 2015 to 2018, christof was the coo and cdo at prosiebensat1 group, where he oversaw their digital investments. before starting g-fund, he spent three years as the cdo at upfield, which was bought out for billions of dollars by kkr from unilever. in his free time, christof likes to travel to costa rica or greece, where he practices yoga and meditation.



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